How to Prevent Breakouts and other Skin Problems When Exercising

How to Prevent Breakouts and other Skin Problems When Exercising

February 21, 2019

If you’re concerned about your heart or your overall health you’d want to exercise to stay fit. But if you’re not careful with how you treat your skin it might get the short end of the stick while the rest of your body becomes better.

You see, the downside to exercising is that your pores open up to let out the sweat and when that happens your skin becomes more vulnerable to bacteria and other germs because of the open pores.

So, if you’re not careful and you don’t have a habit of wiping off your sweat or cleaning your skin regularly while you exercise you might end up with lots of acne on your face and back. Also, some workout routines, like running, can result in sagging skin if you don’t use any medication for your epidermis.

So in order to prevent breakouts and other skin problems while exercising here are some simple tips to follow:

Don’t use too much hair products pre-workout

Hair products can clog your pores when you start sweating and that sweat carries the chemicals from your scalp to your face and back. If you use hair products like conditioners before you start your daily workout you’ll notice that after some time  you’ll be sporting pimples on your forehead, cheeks and even your back. You can also use a headband to ensure that the sweat that falls down from your scalp stops there and not slide down to your face.

Get rid of your makeup

Since we’re talking about chemicals, another thing you should not be wearing when you’re working out is makeup. Your makeup is an effective barrier for your pores and if you don’t take it off before you work out the sweat that comes out of your pores will get trapped and you’ll develop acne.

Wear sunscreen

If your daily workout routine involves running around the block you should wear sunscreen all of the time. But be careful with the sunscreen you’ll use because oily sunscreen can lead to acne so choose those sunscreen lotions that don’t have oil in it.

Use retinol when running

Experts say that serious runners often sport sagging skin on their faces due to the constant movement wherein their skin bounces up and down while they run a marathon. The constant movement of a runner leads to a gradual breaking down of the collagen in the face and in order to prevent this, runners should use prescription retinol to smoothen their skin and a firming cream to push back that skin, so to speak.

Pat down the sweat, don’t rub it away

When you’re working out you’ll obviously be sweating buckets and you need to remove that in order to keep your skin clean. But wiping it away with gym towels can strip away the protective layer of your skin because the fabric of those towels is often course. Instead, pat down the sweat to gently remove the extra moisture and keep your skin intact.

Drink lots of water

Finally, and obviously, replace the water you’ve used up while exercising by staying hydrated. Staying hydrated will not only keep your skin healthy but it will prevent any flare ups if you’re suffering from eczema. Eczema can make your skin dry and if you exercise without replenishing the fluids you lost you’ll be more vulnerable to flare ups. So stay hydrated while you’re working out and you’ll be able to prevent your skin from flaring up.

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