Latex-Free Swimsuit

Oftentimes, the swimsuits women wear and flaunt on the beach are made of durable yet harmful textiles known as latex. While this substance gives swimwear pieces added stretchiness and durability, sporting them can make summertime a little bit difficult for those with skin allergies and sensitivities.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, around 4.3 percent of the United States' general population has an allergy to latex. Latex allergy occurs when someone has been in contact with things containing the proteins in the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree, such as balloons, rubber bands, rubber gloves, bandages, and other household products.

Exposure to this allergen brings allergic reactions, hives, swelling, and overall discomfort to people who have skin sensitivities. Despite this drawback, the apparel industry still utilizes latex for its elastic capabilities.

Some activewear brands blend latex with other materials to have that functionality and water-resistant characteristic in their swimsuit pieces. And while it may look harmless to most, having them embedded in the very fabric of the swimsuit can be a major trigger for others.

We know how difficult it is to find good quality swimwear pieces that are safe from harmful allergens. And since allergy sufferers cannot trust garment labels to reveal the complete content of the clothes, we stepped in to take on the challenge posed by off-the-shelf swimwear pieces that contain latex.

With comfort and flexibility in mind, Athletican continues to become a provider of latex-free clothing made for those with latex allergies. We design our garments for active individuals with skin sensitivity issues, helping them wear stretchy, supportive, and skin-friendly swimsuits without tolerating the itch brought on by irritating latex-blended swimwear.

Our products, made without latex in any form, have excellent stretch, functionality, and performance using 100% hypoallergenic nylon. They are manufactured in an allergen-free environment, making them the most skin-friendly swimwear you could ever wear for all your summer adventures.

Whether you love to swim, surf, kayak, or lounge at the beach or pool, our hypoallergenic swimwear offerings will keep you safe from latex exposure!