About Athletican

We’ve seen them everywhere and worn by the world at large. Yet the eagerness to hit the waves and bask comfortably under the sun isn't always a delightful experience for everyone. 

Ever since swimwear has been introduced, the world has seen many changes to the classic bikinis we now spot on the shelves today. Full-on dresses made with heavy flannel fabric that draped just below the knee used to be the fad during the 19th-century. 

As decades went by, then came the realization that the swimwear collection people had then lacked functionality and convenience—two of the most expected requirements that swimsuits must possess. Fortunately, we have made it possible.


For people with skin allergies and sensitive skin, wearing swimwear pieces made with harsh elastics like latex, Spandex, Lycra, and others can feel like taking a gamble on one’s comfort. 

Exposure to these allergens brings allergic reactions, hives, swelling, and overall discomfort to people who have skin sensitivities. 

Some activewear brands even blend them with other materials just to achieve that functionality and water-resistant characteristic. And while it may look harmless to most, having them embedded in the very fabric of the swimsuit can be a major trigger for others.

That's the reason why Athletican took a big leap to take on the challenge posed by off-the-shelf swimwear pieces that contain harsh elastics. And just like the introduction of time-honored knee-length bathing suits, our creation of hypoallergenic swimwear pieces for people with skin sensitivity came out of necessity. 


As a company built off the core belief of providing innovative apparel solutions for individuals who have run out of skin-friendly alternatives, Athletican has made great strides to provide hypoallergenic swimwear garments free from latex and Spandex. 

With comfort and functionality in mind, we design our garments for active individuals with skin sensitivity issues, helping them wear stretchy, supportive, and skin-friendly swimsuits without the itch. Our products, made completely free from latex and Spandex in any form, have excellent stretch, functionality, and performance using 100% hypoallergenic nylon. 

We also make sure that our garments are manufactured in an allergen-free environment, ultimately distancing ourselves from the disruptive practices that conventional apparel brands practice in the fast-fashion industry. 

Our offerings, ranging from hypoallergenic bikinis and bras to halter tankini and maillot tops, are designed to provide comfort and flexibility for active individuals with skin sensitivity issues. They’re perfect for individuals who don't want to let their skin allergies get in the way of their summer activities. 


Athletican is one of the many brands under the ESSENTIAL LAYER INC. We are the global pioneers of hypoallergenic clothing, backed by over 60 years of garment manufacturing experience and focused on producing and distributing high-quality clothes and textile accessories while protecting the employees and the environment.