7 Tips to Avoid Chafing

7 Tips to Avoid Chafing

February 14, 2019

Aside from fatigue and muscle pain chafing is one of the biggest hurdles you’re going to face whenever you’re working out. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this so that you won’t have to end your workout regimen because you’re bruising and bloodied all over.

So if you want your daily exercise routine to push through here are seven simple steps to avoid chafing:

Protect your skin

Obviously you need to protect your skin from abrasions caused by constant and repetitive movements but what exactly do you use to protect it? Use talcum powder or petroleum jelly and lather it in areas of your body where it’s often constricted by the fabric of your gym attire. So lather some of these materials on your inner thighs, armpits, chest area (especially the men because you don’t want to end up with bruised nipples while you’re running), and the feet as well because those get the brunt of your workout because they often get abrasions from running shoes.

Don’t run in the rain

Moisture, ironically, often leads to chafing, which is why most gym attire has fabric that let air pass through in order to keep the skin dry. With that notion it’s important not to run in the rain because the water will definitely lead to chafing.

Wear synthetic fabric

Now it’s important to take careful consideration with this tip because some synthetic fabrics though can be helpful in preventing chafing, like latex, they can cause allergic reactions that could disrupt your exercise routine. If you’re allergic to latex try wearing other fabrics such as nylon, which is still flexible and breathable but hypoallergenic enough.

Drink lots of water

Here’s the irony that we pointed out earlier: water can lead to chafing which is why we advise you not to run in the rain. But water is also necessary to keep your skin, and the rest of your body, hydrated enough because dehydration can also lead to chafing. So as not to confuse you just remember this tip: water on your skin while exercising is bad, but water inside your body while exercising is good.

Don’t wear too loose clothes

If you notice marathon runners, triathlon athletes or long-distance cyclists often wear outfits that cling to their skin because loose clothing can rub against your skin repeatedly while you’re doing what those people are doing and that can lead to chafing. So avoid loose clothing and wear something that can cling to your body a little tighter. Just make sure that the clothes you wear are breathable enough to let air pass through easily.

Lesser seams the better

Clothes with lesser seams are better for your workout routine because those seams can cause some painful abrasions.

Don’t carry stuff in your pockets

If you’re going to run a few miles make sure that your pockets don’t have any stuff in it that can jostle around and rub against your skin repeatedly. Otherwise, you’ll have bleeding thighs once you’re done with your marathon.

Chafing can often disrupt a person from working out effectively but with the suggestions above you can exercise to your heart’s content and push forward with your journey to wellness.

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