Help Your Child Play Sports Even with Eczema

Help Your Child Play Sports Even with Eczema

May 17, 2019

Playing sports is an essential part of a child growing up. It helps him be healthier, build social skills and be more competitive. But some children are not as fortunate as others and if your child has eczema you know exactly what that means: Living with eczema is indeed hard.

Even if he wants to take part in sports activities, it won’t be that easy because just a trickle of sweat can make him itch all over. But there are ways to help your child be active in sports without triggering his eczema. All you need is a little bit of patience and a lot of preparation.

Here’s how to help your little athlete overcome his hurdles:

Give him loose clothes to wear

Polyester, latex, and spandex are eczema triggers and though they are often seen on labels of sportswear, your child will not feel comfortable wearing them. So have him wear loose clothes with fabric other than the ones mentioned above.


Pure organic cotton is the best kind of fabric for people with eczema. While cotton can feel heavy after sweating, just make sure that your child wipes off his sweat and change clothes after a few minutes of playing.

Teach him to moisturize regularly

Eczema can leave your skin dry and dry skin will exacerbate your skin condition, that's why it’s important that your little athlete learn the importance of moisturizing regularly. Before your child starts to play, tell him that he should apply a generous amount of moisturizer on his skin, same as after playing.

Tell him to take short breaks if he feels too hot

Heat is one of eczema’s triggers and your child should always try to keep his body cool otherwise his skin symptoms will flare-up. Advise your child to take a break and sit it out for a few minutes. Remember, taking breaks and rests during sports is also important not just for the skin but for the entire body.

You should also talk to your child’s gym teacher and inform him about his condition so that the gym teacher or coach will be able to guide your child accordingly.

warm shower kids

Shower with warm water

Hot and cold temperatures are bad for people with eczema especially when it’s in the shower. On the other hand, running off after playing basketball or soccer without showering is also bad for your child. Advise your child to shower only with warm water and take shorter showers, and to moisturize to keep the skin hydrated.

Playing sports is important for every child even those who are suffering from eczema. Fortunately for your child, the suggestions above can help him manage his eczema while he enjoys playing his sports.

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