4 Considerations When Choosing A Sports Bra

4 Considerations When Choosing A Sports Bra

February 04, 2022

When it comes to choosing a sports bra, fit is the most vital aspect.

Working out, may they be low-impact or high-impact exercises, requires a lot of movements for people to attain a more fit and healthy body. But aside from doing daily strenuous routines, achieving your desired fitness goal also depends on the clothes you wear, such as a dependable sports bra. 

Every active woman needs a sports bra in her wardrobe that's comfortable, durable, and supportive to keep her breasts in place when doing big movements. While all bras can say that they have all the right attributes to provide women with comfort, not all of them possess the right features to support those with skin sensitivities. 

If you're looking for a support bra that ticks off the qualities previously mentioned above, here are the 4 factors that women should consider when buying the right bra for athletic purposes. 


According to Foodspring, straps play an important role in how one's bra fits. Straight, crossed, or racerback, the straps of your sports bra should have a snug fit that does not dig in or pinch the skin. 

Classic compression bras, that suit any cup size, usually have straight straps while crossed straps, suitable for smaller breasts, look appealing yet offer less support. On the other hand, racerback straps, with wide straps that meet behind the shoulders, give extra support, ideal for larger breasts and high-impact sports. 


According to RunnersNeed, cups, like straps, should fit without gaps or wrinkles. "They should feel snug and secure but shouldn’t be so tight that your breasts spill out the side or over the top of them," the report said. Also, wearing tight bras is bad for breast health since they restrict the lymph flow around the breast. 

Instead, use bras with build-it or removable molded cups since they offer great support and comfort without constricting your chest. If areas of your breasts spill out, it’s a clear sign that the bra is too small. 


Aside from cups and straps, bands are also important. Bands are needed to provide the right tightness, laying flat against the ribs without feeling restrictive. If your band rides up when you raise your hands or place them above your head, it means that the bra you’re wearing is big for you. However, this problem can be easily solved by adjusting straps or the back clasps. Otherwise, you need to find the right band size. 


Last but not least style. After finding all the right features of a well-fitting sports bra, choosing a style that motivates you to enjoy your workout and perform your best also matters. While it is true that function comes first, you must also keep in mind that one must look good and feel confident in donning a sports bra. 

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