Workout Clothing Essentials for Men

Workout Clothing Essentials for Men

September 19, 2019

There’s not a chance that a professional athlete such as Roger Federer would show up to a tennis match wearing a track suit. Even amateur athletes know how important it is to gear up for a workout the right way. However, it goes beyond that. Functional pieces let you stay fit by focusing on your workout…while looking good of course. Here are several must-have workout clothes for men:


Jogging in the morning is good for the heart, and the body in general. When you need to layer up on your next jog, choose a lightweight, breathable long sleeved top to keep you cool and comfy and prevent chafing. 

You can partner it with a nice zip hoodie especially if it gets chilly outside. 


While professional cyclists usually wear shorts, some athletes, and even those who are just cycling enthusiasts, prefer wearing on-trend joggers. Choose one that has a super soft fabric to keep you nice and snug. Plus points if it offers crotch support too!


If you’ve decided to hit the trails, you need a pair of really good hiking pants that can go the extra mile for you. Choose something that has just enough stretch to give you full range of motion. It should be comfortable, lightweight, water-repellent, and quick-drying. There are pieces that feature a UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and there are also those that can be converted to shorts.

ACTIVITY: Usual gym time/weights


An all-around mesh tank can keep you cool because of the ventilation. It is a versatile piece for many different types of workouts.

You can also partner the mesh top with a classic pair of gym shorts. Choose a light fabric for ease of movement.


Yes, there are men who do yoga. It’s for everybody, and it’s a great exercise. Men can opt to wear pants or leggings, but there are those who wear leggings and shorts together. The versatility of the leggings can help anyone strike any pose on the mat. Plus points if the shorts that go with it has concealed zip pockets.

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