Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt after an Exercise

Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt after an Exercise

September 24, 2019

Do your breasts hurt after you exercise? Why do you think so? 

In this era, women have become very particular when it comes to their body built. They want to look and feel good. Exercise can improve one’s health. It does have a lot of benefits in our overall state; physical, mental and even emotional. 

Women should be aware that the breasts are very sensitive and require utmost care. Dr. Joanna Scurr of the Department of Sport and Exercise Health at Portsmouth University said “Breasts aren't made of muscle; only skin and delicate Cooper's ligaments support our breast tissue.” She means that the breasts need proper support especially when doing a hard routine.

Why do breasts hurt after exercising?

There are a couple of reasons why breasts hurt after an exercise, while our body reacts differently, these are the main reasons for a sore and tender breast:

No proper support

Inappropriate gym attire may cause stress on breasts. A special exercise gear should be worn to avoid pain and other serious conditions. It is important to buy a sports bra that perfectly fits the size of your breasts to prevent it from sagging.

No warm up exercise

warm up is an essential routine before doing an exercise. It promotes flexibility and durability of the body tissues before performing any hard activity. There are types of warm up exercises such as Ballistic Stretch that involves bouncing or jerking, Static Stretch that involves muscle flexing and Dynamic Stretch that involves body parts movement.

  • Too much pressure

  • Sometimes when doing an exercise, there are instances that you put too much pressure on your breasts. If without proper guidance, it can cause breast, back and neck pain. To avoid these problems, have a professional trainer to supervise the routines that you will be doing.
  • Breast problem
  • If you are doing it right and all of the above reasons were being resolved and you still feel discomfort in the breasts area, you may consult to a doctor to properly assess your breast condition. It is a must that you have a twice or thrice a year check-up for a complete diagnosis of your health.

    What is the cure for breast pain?

    Breast pains gradually disappear over time, but if you want a quick remedy follow these steps:

    • Apply hot or cold compress on your breasts
    • Perform a therapy that relaxes physical and mental state
    • Limit or eliminate caffeine on your diet depending on how your body reacts. Instead, have a low-fat diet and increase carbohydrates intake
    • Buy an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen according to doctor’s prescription

      There are multiple ways to achieve a healthy body aside from going to the gym. You may opt to do jogging that improves blood circulation and eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. There is nothing wrong in being a gym lover as long as you follow safety precautions to prevent future risks associated to your health. 

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