How to Find the Right Bra for an Active Pregnancy

How to Find the Right Bra for an Active Pregnancy

September 17, 2019

Being pregnant should not stop you from staying active and doing exercises. Living a healthy life is not just beneficial to you, but also to your little one. A happier and healthier you will not only have more energy during pregnancy, but it will also help empower you and build your self esteem. Choose the right clothing before performing any activity. 

Also, your doctor must make it clear that you can perform tasks and exercises and not affect your pregnancy. See to it that you’re wearing the right workout clothes, especially the right sports bra no matter what your chosen activity is. Here are some advice for soon-to-be active moms out there!

Choose gym clothing that makes you feel good

Your workout clothing is an important part of your routine. Make sure that the clothes you’re going to wear can provide you with good levels of support and comfort to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the exercise you’re doing.

Avoid clothing that is restrictive and uncomfortable. Choose fabrics that are breathable and will keep your body cool and allow for ease of movement. 

Get a pair of quality trainers

The style of shoes you’re going to wear depends on the exercise you’re going to do. Like a good sports bra, your shoes should fit well and provide good levels of support.

Choose a maternity sports bra based on your activity

Once again, the type of bra you choose will depend on the type of exercise you do.  For women who participate in yoga, and other low impact exercise, a less structured sports bra is better. It is also advisable to choose a non-wired product with good stretch and high comfort levels. This bra will be less restrictive and will allow for ease of movement

For women who are into high impact forms of exercises like running, a high impact sports bra is suitable. It usually contains some type of wire. But for maternity sports bras, they are likely to have flexible wires and strong support fabric for fuller breast coverage, a racerback style, a high center front, strong straps and strong back bands. The sports bra for high impact activities should keep the breasts in place, with very minimal bounce. 

Maternity Sports Bra Fit Checklist

  • A correctly fitted bra should encompass the entire breast. There should be no excess fabric in the cups and no spilling of breast tissue on the side, underneath, or on the top of the cups. 
  • The underband should be firm and should be in place horizontally across the back. If it’s too big, it will not provide enough support. A back band that is too tight will also pinch the skin and will be so uncomfortable to wear. 
  • As for the straps, these should be firm but not too tight. A bra with adjustable straps will allow you to tighten or loosen them to suit your needs.
  • It should fit snug and firm. This will help reduce movement in the breast and in turn reduce ligament damage which can result in premature sagging of the breast.

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