Why Planking?

Why Planking?

June 06, 2019

Oftentimes when we see an exercise that is physically demanding and dynamic we know right away how those fitness routines will benefit a person’s health and physique. But when we see an exercise that is somewhat static and simple we find it hard to figure out if it has any benefits to our overall health.

It’s what some people think about when they see someone planking because when you plank it looks like you’re not doing much so chances are there won’t be too many impressive results to doing this exercise. That’s where you’re wrong because planking has many benefits, some of which you never thought would be associated with this kind of exercise.

So here are advantages of planking you never knew before:

Lesser risk of injury to your spine and back

When we think about planking we often think about rock-hard abs courtesy of strengthening one’s core with the use of this exercise.

But when we strengthen our core muscles it also means that we’re minimizing the stress on our spinal column and our backs so in effect we also lower the risk of experiencing an injury on our back.

Improved balance

Planking can develop your balance because our core muscles are responsible for maintaining balance while we’re upright. So if you constantly strengthen your core muscles you’ll eventually discover that your balance has greatly improved.

Improved flexibility

Strengthening your core muscles will also lead to a more flexible body because planking stretches your posterior muscle groups.

This exercise will expand the muscles in your shoulders, collar bone and shoulder blades. It will also stretch the muscles in your hamstrings, toes and arches of your feet. You’ll also be able to stretch your oblique muscles if you do side-planking, which will also help improve your flexibility.

Improved metabolism

Planking can also boost your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories as compared to just lounging around in your pajamas. The reason behind this is that the muscles you are working on when you are planking contribute to boosting your metabolism.

Improved mental state

Lastly, planking can help make you feel better emotionally and/or mentally.

The reason behind this is that planking stretches the muscles often associated with stress such as leg muscles, neck muscles, and shoulder muscles, which will reduce the discomfort you feel after spending long hours sitting down or doing something sedentary. Also, planking is just like any exercise, it improves your overall health and it releases endorphins, hormones that provide that feeling of euphoria.

So the more you plank, the more you’ll feel good.

Planking has many benefits that you may not have thought of before and these additional benefits are just further testament that this form of exercise is as good as any other exercise in existence today.

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