Benefits of Pilates You Didn't Know

Benefits of Pilates You Didn't Know

June 05, 2019

People who have severe skin allergies know that certain physical activities such as exercise can lead to disaster like a breakout of hives or rashes. It is for this reason that many allergists and dermatologists advocate the practice of less strenuous activities such as yoga and Pilates for people who want to exercise but are encumbered by their allergies.

Still, a lot of people don’t accept that Pilates or yoga could be beneficial to them especially if they’re looking to bulk up their frame or get a leaner body.

But that’s where they’re wrong because Pilates has a few advantages that make them just as great an exercise routine as other physical activities.

Here are those advantages:

You get rock-hard abs with Pilates

When you watch someone performing Pilates you can’t help but think that it’s too easy and when you think some fitness fad is too easy chances are it won’t lead to impressive results.

But many advocates of Pilates have attested to the fact that it’s anything but easy and that the results are way more impressive than you would think.

Getting rock-hard abs is one of the results you’ll get from doing Pilates because the exercises will target your lower abdominal muscles and strengthen your deep core muscles as well so after a few weeks of Pilates classes you’ll sport some good-looking abs.

Pilates will make you more flexible

Performing Pilates will not only give your rock-hard abs but it will also make your whole body more flexible.

Having a more flexible body might not sound too impressive to you but the fact is flexibility leads to lesser injuries, less pain, better balance, better posture, stronger body, better physical performance and a more positive state of mind.

Better focus and more control of your body

Another advantage of Pilates is that the exercises you’ll be performing will help you gain more control of your body and therefore help you focus more effectively.

The intricate steps in each Pilates exercise will help you focus on specific parts of your body giving you the ability to control your breathing and your movement simultaneously. So in effect you’ll have better control of your body and better focus.

Pilates will help with your back pain

Finally, Pilates is good for those suffering from back pain and let’s face it, eventually all of us will experience this as we get older.

Pilates can help ease your back pain because it was designed to strengthen your core and by strengthening your core muscles it will remove much of the stress from your spine and even help it align more properly.

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