Tips for Exercising While Traveling

Tips for Exercising While Traveling

May 03, 2019

When you’re a frequent traveller, there are some things you don’t get to do that often all because you don’t have the same amenities you have in your home when you’re out and about. But it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your regular exercise routine when you’re on a business trip or on a family vacation.

Just follow these tips and you can still get some exercising done even when you’re frequently travelling.

Bring workout clothes

This is important for those who suffer from extreme skin sensitivities because not all gyms in every hotel carry items that are designed for those with skin issues. If you’re sensitive to latex or spandex, bring with you your hypoallergenic gym attire so that you can still exercise without triggering your allergies.

Schedule your stops as part of your exercise routine

If you’re travelling by car across the country you can use your stops as your time to do some exercising. After a few miles of driving, find a spot, a gas station or a park, and exercise a bit. You can walk around if you like or you could even bring out your yoga mat and conduct some poses to boost your cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscles.

Use your environment as your gym

You can always find structures everywhere that can serve as your gym equipment. Take the stairs if you're staying in fairly tall building. If you’re visiting a state where there are lots of parks or forests, you can go hiking or trail running even.

If you’re visiting a country where it’s cold almost all year round then rent some skis and do some cross-country skiing to get the exercise you need. Remember: all you have to do is look out your hotel window and check out the areas where you can exercise.

Get up from your seat on the plane every now and then

If you’re flying to another country, chances are you’ll be stuck in the plane for a long time and sitting down the whole trip is bad for your health. Get up as soon as the pilots turn off the “fasten your seatbelt” sign and walk through the aisle.

Ask the flight attendants if you could even do some stretching while on board, but make sure that it won’t take long so that you won’t disturb the other passengers. There are other exercises you can do in your seat if your flight attendant insists that you stay in your seat for the duration of your flight. The exercises you can do while on board are: chest stretching, ankle rotating, knee bending, shoulder stretching and spine rotating.

The world can be your gym as long as you use your imagination and push yourself to find a way to get some exercises done even if you don’t have the proper equipment or facility.

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