Looking for the Best Time to Work Out? Follow These Suggestions

Looking for the Best Time to Work Out? Follow These Suggestions

April 25, 2019

Finding the right time to work out is just as important as urging yourself to work out because when you exercise at the time that’s comfortable for you, it will motivate you more to keep exercising.

So when is the right time to work out? It all depends on you and what your needs or restrictions are. But in order to better inform you on how to pick the right time for your workout routine, follow the suggestions below.

If you’re extremely allergic to pollen don’t work out in the morning

People with severe allergies to pollen should schedule their exercise routines a little later in the day because the pollen count is very high in the morning. When it’s springtime the pollen count is at its highest in the morning and it lowers late in the afternoon and even at night, so the best time for you to jog around the block is later in the day.

But it would be better if you stay indoors during springtime and do your exercises there or check the pollen count in your area through the internet regularly to see when it is lowest.

Don’t exercise after a meal

It’s tempting to exercise right after you’ve had a large meal because you think that you can burn all those calories when you’re running on a treadmill. But experts say that if you want your exercise to be effective, do it before a meal and not after because after you eat, the blood in your body will go to your digestive tract and you won’t be as energized as much to exercise.

Although, experts also say that you can exercise after a meal. Just wait for a while before you start hitting the gym. They advise to wait at least wait 90 minutes before you start exercising.

Find a time within the day where you don’t have much to do

Sticking to your exercise routine can be hard especially if you have lots of things to do every day. Your daily tasks can often distract you from pushing through with your daily exercise.

Find a time within the day when your tasks are all done or there is enough waiting time in between tasks that you can insert a little time for your exercise.

Exercising a few hours before you sleep may be the perfect time

The running thought about exercising before you sleep is that it’s bad for you because it could lead to insomnia since your body is still energized and not adjusted to sleep. But experts are now saying that that may not be completely true.

According to them, people who exercise before they sleep had lesser time drifting into unconsciousness unlike what previous claims have stated. It’s because the body is more tired and ready to recuperate after a strenuous activity that the chances of a person developing insomnia is less likely.

What scientists advise people is to exercise an hour and a half before they get ready to sleep in order to get the most out of their exercise and fall asleep soundly afterward.

Finding the right time to exercise still largely depends on your preferred time within the day. But the suggestions above can help you figure out when you’ll be able to get the most out of your daily exercise routine depending on the restrictions of your condition, i.e. exercising with an allergy. So if exercising at night or late in the afternoon is the perfect time for you make the most out of it and get on the path to wellness right away.

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