Helping Allergic People on World Health Day

Helping Allergic People on World Health Day

April 08, 2019

On World Health Day 2019, the theme is the same as the year before: health coverage for all, but will they also include a health plan for people with allergies?

World Health Day is here once more and in accordance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) the organization is unveiling its theme for 2019, which is to help all nations provide health care coverage for every individual.

Fortunately, for those living in the US the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a health care plan for people with severe allergies but not all countries are lucky enough to have this provision. But there are ways to alleviate your symptoms even if you don’t have a health care plan for your allergies.

Exercise has always been deemed an effective remedy for many health concerns. Exercise can help reduce heart diseases, boost positive thinking and even curb mental ailments.

Exercise can also help alleviate symptoms of allergies on some level.

A little help from being fit

Exercise can help a person with severe allergies manage his symptoms much more effectively although it’s important to note that exercise cannot cure any allergy. An allergic reaction occurs because a person’s immune system overreacts when a harmless substance enters the body.

The immune system then produces a copious amount of histamines to fight off the foreign substance, which then results in symptoms often associated with an allergic reaction, i.e. hives, rashes, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchiness and even difficulty in breathing.

Allergies are in no way a direct result of lack of fitness but exercising can help manage the symptoms. The explanation behind it is that exercising can help blood flow more freely, which means that the allergens won’t be stuck in one part of the body causing inflammation in that area.

The symptoms of allergies that often make our lives miserable are runny noses, ears that feel like it was submerged under water, itching eyes and that exhausted feeling.

By exercising regularly you can effectively reduce those sensations, because when your heart is pumping your blood is flowing more rapidly preventing allergens from building up in areas of your body such as the nose, mouth and lungs and therefore that prevents inflammation.

So on World Health Day celebrate this momentous event by adapting to healthy lifestyle habits and trying to be more fit, which you can certainly do by exercising more.

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