“Wakanda” is Using Netball to Help Teach Children

“Wakanda” is Using Netball to Help Teach Children

April 04, 2019

In commemoration of the International Day of Sport Development and Peace Uganda is launching a program designed to teach young women about sexual health and competing in netball and they’re calling the program “Wakanda.”

The International Day of Sport Development and Peace is held annually on April 6 and organizations all over the world have various programs to promote the role of sport in the development of nations and conflict resolutions.

On April 6, Uganda will launch a program that will not only let young women learn about netball but they will also learn how to take care of themselves when their menstrual cycle has started.

Uganda has decided to name their program “Wakanda” after the fictional country in the Marvel film “Black Panther”, which symbolizes the advancement of an African nation through the innovation and collaboration of the people.

It is but fitting that they chose that name since their program is designed to help young women find innovative ways to take care of themselves during their menstruation.

Netball Development Trust and Freedom4Girls, X-SUBA Sport4Development Uganda are working together to help disadvantaged women learn more about sexual health and how they can take care of their menstruation despite having a few resources.

The program will help young women know more about reusable sanitary pads and more importantly about sexual health and reproduction. They will reach out to 75 disadvantaged women and help them learn about sexual health as well as teach them how to play netball.

The question for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace has always been how does sports build relationships and Uganda answered it by involving young women to play netball.

The program is designed to teach young women the benefits of sports at an early age because it will teach them how to be competitive as well as how to cooperate with each other in the court.

The reports do not say if Uganda will provide proper sportswear to these disadvantaged women but they will teach kids and teachers how to use netball as an effective tool for communication with younger women.


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