A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out at Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out at Home

October 17, 2018

There are various reasons for wanting to work out at home. You may opt to do this because gym membership at your local fitness centre is too expensive. Or you may choose to do your planking in your living room because there are too many people at the nearby gym.

It could also be due to the fact that you have several allergies that prevent you from stepping out of your house because once you get a whiff of pollen outside people start noticing that you have more hives on your skin than unblemished skin.

So if the scenarios above are keeping you from getting buffed up outside then feel free to start exercising from the comfort of your home with these easy-to-do fitness regimens.

Do the press-up

Once you’ve moved all your furniture in your living room or bedroom you should start your exercise with the press-up. In the press-up you take up a push-up position with your hands at shoulder-width and palms pressed flat. Your whole body should form a straight line—from head to toes.

When you lower your body your elbows should stay at the sides trying to form a 90 degree angle instead of extending to the sides like other push-ups (the latter is actually the wrong way to do a push-up). Your eyes should be looking at your front and not on the floor so that your back will stay in a straight line.

You can lower yourself until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle or you can go lower depending on how strong and comfortable you are lowering yourself. If you can lower yourself that your chest touches the floor and return to your starting position without too much effort or pain then go for it. That’s your first rep for the press-ups. You can perform as many reps as you can as long as it’s comfortable for you.

Why do the press-up?

This exercise will target multiple muscle groups and make them grow. It will also help strengthen your shoulder joints and prepare you for more gruelling exercises.

Do the Superman

Your starting position here is to lie face down on your mat with your palms facing each other on the floor and arms extended above your head. Your legs should also be extended with your toes pointing slightly away from your shins. As you start your rep exhale and contract your abdominal and core muscles. Slowly lift your arms and legs off the floor at the same time but just slightly or up to a level where it’s still comfortable for you.

Hold this position for a short time. You can count to ten or five depending on how strong you are. Go back to your starting position and lower your arms and legs while inhaling.

Why do the Superman?

The Superman is good for strengthening your back muscles. Strengthening your back muscles can even get rid of the back pain you might be feeling sometimes. This exercise also helps strengthen your glutes and hamstring muscles.

Do the Downward-facing Dog

Your starting position here is the push-up position. Once you’re in a push-up position make sure to contract your core and abdominal muscles so that your back and hips do not arch up.

To start, using your hips push back while exhaling and push those hips upward. Your head should be aligned with your spine, but as you push backwards move your head between your shoulders. Try to push your heels towards the floor as you’re pushing backwards and keep your back stiff to keep it from arching. Your end position here should look like a “V” shape.

Once you’ve reached the end position here go back slowly to your starting position while inhaling.

Why do the Downward-facing Dog?

Not only is the Downward-facing Dog good for strengthening your arms and legs but it is also good for calming the brain and relieving depression. It also promotes proper digestion, prevents osteoporosis, relieves symptoms of menopause, relieves headaches, prevents insomnia, alleviates back pain and prevents fatigue. It’s quite a therapeutic form of exercise that a lot of yoga practitioners suggest this exercise to people with issues of depression.

Do the Front Plank

Your starting position here is your lying on the floor with your elbows close to your sides and under the shoulders. Palms should be facing down and relax your torso so that your lower body is lying on the floor. Once you start slowly lift your entire torso off the floor. Hold your position and keep your torso, legs, and shoulders stiff so that your knees won’t bend and your back and hips won’t arch.

Breathe normally while you’re holding this position. For beginners holding this position for five seconds is enough. After five seconds return to your starting position.

Why do the Front Plank?

Planking is good for flexibility and it will also alleviate any back pain that you might be experiencing. This exercise will also help tone your belly and if you follow a proper diet you can get those much-desired six-pack abs in no time. The Front Plank can also improve your posture and relieve stress.

There are many exercises you can do at the comfort of your bedroom or living room and you don’t even need equipment to perform all of these. All you need is the willpower to push through with your training and in no time you’ll have rock solid abs and pectorals like you’ve been going to the gym for months.

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