How to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions at the Gym

How to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions at the Gym

July 18, 2019

Going to the gym with a new top or leggings, or any new outfit in general can make your usual gym time more exciting, and even more colorful. However, If you’re not careful about the clothes you’re selecting for the gym, you could be at risk of ripping something either down there or up under your arm right there on your yoga mat. Embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime and anywhere, and the worst part is, you may not even realize it. That’s where we come in. Here, we list some tips on how to avoid fitness attire malfunctions. 

Choose the Right Sports Bra

For women, the overall exercise experience is so much better without pain, or feeling self-conscious or any discomfort, and that starts with your first layer of clothing. One of the biggest mistakes people, particularly women commit, is getting the incorrect type, fit, and size of the sports bra. This could lead to a severe slip, a terrible and greatly embarrassing experience. Getting the right sports bra for the right activity matters. For example, you don’t want to be in the same bra for yoga that you’d wear for high intensity interval training, which requires more support. 

Nowadays, major activewear brands are more conscious about their customers’ needs. They provide product descriptions to help you make more suitable choices. Remember, just because it looks super cute, doesn’t mean that they’re super supportive. Fashion and function are two different things. Learn to read the label carefully before buying anything.

Leggings Should Be Opaque AF

Leggings are very versatile and comfortable, and come in lots of interesting designs. One thing you should remember about getting leggings and wearing them to the gym: They should be opaque. Quality is key when it comes to picking leggings and protecting the feminine area. Try a transparency test by bending over in the dressing room or acting out a dead lift. That way, you’ll know whether or not the fabric will keep you covered. Also remember that leggings have a shelf life, and they can wear and tear…and you don’t want that to happen during gym time.

Try a Sweat Test

Being a heavy sweater is not a bad thing. It means that your system is working hard to keep you cool and maintain a healthy body temperature. However, sweating in certain areas can make you feel self-conscious especially when there are plenty of people around. Start an intense workout at home to find out the areas where you sweat the most. Knowing those areas will help you shop for the right gear. Certain gym colors like bright pink are notorious for showing sweat stains. Opt for darker colors and patterns that incorporate darker colors to hide sweat. One trick to determine if you’ve got the right color combo? Splash water on your clothes and see if it blends with the pattern or not.

Check Your Shorts

Wearing shorts to the gym may be comfortable for some people, but for some, the second you bend over or do sit ups or crunches, you look in the mirror and you see that everything’s out for the world to see. However, there are still ways to make shorts work without suffering from a major peek-a-boo. There are shorts with a built-in lining and nowadays, you can rock leggings underneath shorts. This is much better, especially if you worry about other people seeing what shouldn’t be seen.

Fabric is King

Achieving comfort in the gym really starts with the fabric. The material of your clothes have a big impact on your fitness routine more than you realize. While the opaqueness of the fabric is important, so is the way it’s made. Runners with muscular thighs can experience chafing if they choose the wrong fabric. Remember, nothing kills a workout like burning thighs.

Take your time in choosing your gym wardrobe. One very important tip is to use the dressing room as your own personal gym. Give yourself a minute to feel how you feel in the clothing you’re in so you won’t have to waste money and eventually just get frustrated with the brand you’re buying.

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