A Guide to Buying the Best Swimwear

A Guide to Buying the Best Swimwear

July 11, 2017

Choosing the perfect swimsuit that fits your body type can be very challenging but it can surely spell out fantastic results. However, not all women know their actual body type. Fortunately, finding out what your body type is really not that difficult. All you need is a measuring tape and someone who can help you out. There are also several resources such as beauty magazines and websites which can help you determine this so you can finally wear the best swimwear or any type of clothes for that matter.

Most girls are quite conscious with their body, so wearing the right swimwear that will highlight your assets will surely be a huge ego boost. This is why the main rule in picking the best swimsuit is to know your body type. Once you have determined this, you can easily choose the ideal swimwear to flaunt your assets while enjoying a good time under the sun.

Choosing a Swimwear Based on Body Type

Here are the most common body type categories and their corresponding guide in choosing the perfect swimwear:

Apple Shape

Women with an apple shape figure are top-heavy, which means that they have broader shoulders, wider torso and a full bust as well as upper back. Women with this body type also tend to have slimmer arms, hips, legs but fuller waistlines.

If this is your figure, go for swimsuits that have darker shades or those with color-blocked style where the darker color is in the middle part of the suit. Look for a crossover suit which can highlight your assets too. The best design to minimize apple-shaped related flaws is to look for a swimwear with a low cut neckline and high-cut legs.

Pear Shape

This body type is considered as the most common and is also referred to as the Triangle Shape. The typical characteristics include hips that are larger than the bust, well-defined waist and proportionately slim arms and shoulders.

For this bodily type, look for a swimsuit that will provide more control and coverage. Two piece swimsuits with darker or solid color on the bottom are ideal choices. Pay attention to designs that will accentuate your legs and create a slimmer-looking figure as well.

Hourglass Shape

Some women consider this body type as their dream figure since this is probably the most popular and envied. This particular type is curvy and round with a defined waistline and fuller hips and thighs. Women with this shape are surely lucky because they can rock any swimsuit design. So if you are among the fortunate ones, just focus on the design, pattern or embellishments of the swimsuit to easily hide problem areas, if any.

Straight Shape

This is also considered as a common one and is described as fairly straight up, where the bust and hips are almost the same in width with little or no definition in the waist area. The best swimwear for this body shape should accentuate the waist area to help create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Find a bathing suit with minor detailing in the waist area or go for a form fitting swimsuit with a soft cup bra. Try swimsuits with darker or bold solid colors, especially, in the waist area. Wear bright patterns, frills, diagonal lines and ruffles which will help create curves.

Workaround for other Imperfections

There are numerous body type categories but a significant number of women are not just conscious about their body shape or size but also with other physical flaws. These insecurities are the usual reasons why girls are not too confident at times. However, these minor setbacks should not be considered a hindrance for anyone especially when there are plenty of workarounds.

No one is really perfect unless you get a few surgeries done. Each person has a common or even a unique bodily imperfection. The trick is to focus on the positive traits and improvise ways on how to effectively mask the flaws. Here are a few scenarios to help you out:

For Girls with Smaller Chest

Look for a top with ruffles or embellishments to give you a fuller chest. You can also go for bathing suits with light padding.

For Girls with Heavy Chest

Stay away from string bikinis, instead, go for tops with ample support for your boobs. Underwires are your bestfriend since they can give your ladies the best support for flattering results.

Flat Rear

Not everyone has JLo’s booty but bathing suits with the right frills and ruching will give your rear a fuller look. The bottom part of your swimsuit should be in bold or bright colors to distract the fact that your tush needs a little push.

Broad Shoulders

An asymmetrical neckline will give you a more appealing upper body look. Buy a bathing suit with printed panels on the side for that supposed hourglass figure too.

Fatty Back

Go for designs with high backs and thicker straps so it will smoothen out the lumps and bumps in your back.

Tummy Problems

Hiding your tummy is not a big problem since there are numerous designs to do the trick. Go for a one piece design with ruching or peplum and with a plunging neckline to distract the focus on your mid-section. A high-waisted bottom will also accentuate your curves and put less focus on your tummy area.


No one is exempted from having cellulites but if you are really conscious of these dimples, then you can get a swimsuit with longer hemlines such as a swimdress or tankini.


Determine where your scars are situated and look for a swimsuit design that will cover them up. If you have scars on your legs, then you can just wear a cover-up if you get too conscious in having them.

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