Spandex-Free Swimsuit

For women with skin sensitivities, wearing swimwear made with harsh elastics like Spandex can cause itching, irritation, and discomfort to the skin. And since some swimwear brands don’t truthfully disclose the materials in their clothing, you might be surprised to learn that Spandex may lurk in the waistbands of your swimsuits, making the summer experience a little challenging.

Spandex, a brand name for elastane material, is a chemically-made product composed of a minimum of 85% of polyurethane polymer. People with multiple chemical sensitivities are usually susceptible to the chemical agents made to produce the very Spandex fabric.

Although they are light, more durable, and more supple than conventional elastic threads, the rubber-processing chemicals can cause redness, itching of the skin, hives, skin irritations, and worse, anaphylactic shock.

Despite its many advantages, Spandex allergy presents severe discomfort at best. That's why it's very important for people who experience physical reactions from exposure to Spandex to seek healthy alternatives to their Spandex-blended clothes.

If you have been previously diagnosed with an allergic reaction to Spandex, then it’s time to pay attention to your swimwear choices. Fortunately, we have decided to take measures to avoid Spandex to develop hypoallergenic swimwear pieces that will allow people to hit the beach freely without irritation.

With comfort and functionality in mind, Athletican continues to become a provider of spandex-free clothing made for those with spandex allergies. We design our garments for active individuals with skin sensitivity issues, helping them wear stretchy, supportive, and skin-friendly swimsuits without the itch.

Our products, made without Spandex in any form, have excellent stretch, functionality, and performance using 100% hypoallergenic nylon. They are manufactured in an allergen-free environment, ultimately preventing residual and unreacted chemicals from contaminating the garments.

With the right functional features and hypoallergenic quality, we are confident that our swimwear offerings will take your summer wardrobe to new, itch-free heights, making Athletican the perfect swimwear choice for women with skin sensitivities.