What is Athleisure?

What is Athleisure?

August 08, 2019

You’ve probably stumbled upon this word before, most likely plastered on style and fashion websites but what exactly is it? Athleisure is a fashion trend that combines clothing with comfort and style. It is a combination of athletic and leisure attire. This is a form of casual clothing that can be easily worn for both exercise and for normal daily wear. Leggings or yoga pants worn with cute hoodies, denim jackets, and sneakers are all athleisure.

How it started

It is a little difficult to trace where the trend started, but we could consider its beginning since the 70s when the popularity of fitness came to surface. When fitness mania started to get louder, people wore casual clothing to exercise. Sports brands began to improvise clothes for athletic performance and in comes improved synthetic fabrics. Some functionalities that came in were sweat-wicking capability, extra stretch, and softer fee. They remain the main selling points but then social media also played a part.

Why is it so popular?

Athleisure has become popular because it is a blend of aesthetics from the sports and fashion industry. Fashion is giving sports a boost in credibility and sports giving function functionality. This trend also creates a positive feedback, promoting not just a trendy, but also a healthier lifestyle. 

Will the trend last?

There are many reasons why athletic wear will get more heed for casual wear in the future. Athletic brands are continuously looking to improve the performance of athletes, making comfort and feel the top priority. Also. the athleisure trend is accepted more at social events and parties. People can wear them while lounging, walking on the street, and at a casual dinner and no one would bat an eye out on them.

Athleisure and social media 

Because of athleisure’s gaining popularity, health and fitness influencers are getting lots of traction through social media. They get to sponsor activewear brands, while activewear brands get larger, more relevant audiences. The rise of athleisure in social media will not be made possible without fitness enthusiasts who are inspired by celebrities, influencers, and their social media accounts.

How to pull it off

Keep in mind that the key to an athleisure look is how you wear it. Even though you may be wearing gym clothes, the key is to not look like you just sweat it out at the gym. A clean look will always be fashionable no matter what type of clothing you wear. Athleisure is not an excuse to dress lazily for life, but a chance to amp up your current rotation of activewear and add some elements that can take it from simple sporty to trendy and functional. 

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