Reduce Your Stress with Exercise

Reduce Your Stress with Exercise

August 26, 2019

Believe it or not, one of the triggers of eczema and other skin allergies is stress. If a person with eczema gets stressed enough, there’s a huge possibility that he will exhibit itchy rashes all over his body. In addition to improving your health, you can reduce your stress by exercising and here are some useful tips on how to do it properly:

Take a dip in the pool

Swimming is one of the best exercises to relieve stress due to the calming effect of the water. Moreover, it’s also great for people with eczema because the chlorine and the cool water can actually prevent you from breaking out in rashes while you’re working out. It’s a known fact among people with eczema that heavy sweating can trigger the symptoms. When you swim, you’ll have all the benefits of a good exercise without having to sweat.

Make your workout space as comfy as possible

One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is to get rid of clutter and make your environment as comfortable as possible. Sometimes we get cranky just seeing clutter in our living room. If you’re trying to exercise your stress away, this can already dampen the mood. For your workout space, be sure that it’s as clean as it can be so that when you start exercising, you’ll be solely focused on your fitness regimen and nothing else.

Go easy on the workout

It’s important that you find a workout plan that can help boost your heart rate enough to give you a huge dose of endorphins but not too much that you’ll be sweating buckets because with eczema, overheating your body is more detrimental than beneficial. Choose a workout that is not too intense but will still be able to give you the exercise you need, like yoga or Pilates. Practicing yoga can not only help improve your health but it’s also designed to reduce stress.

Make sure that your necessary items are close at hand

Working out with certain skin allergies or sensitivities requires a lot of preparation and accessories. For example, if you’re suffering from eczema, it’s important to stay cool because if your body overheats, you’ll get rashes. Make sure that you always have a towel with you and some cool water to drink or even sprinkle your skin with.

Work out with a friend

We always say this here: It’s always better to work out with a friend because simply sharing an experience such as exercising with can already minimize your stress levels. Also, working out with a friend can lighten the mood and perhaps make exercising much easier to bear.

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