Exercising Even When You’re Tired

Exercising Even When You’re Tired

May 24, 2019

Exercise is important for your overall health and if you can, you should try to get your daily dose of exercise. However, living with allergies can often dampen that urge to get on the treadmill or lift some weights because when your allergy kicks in, it can leave you so tired and uncomfortable that you feel like you’ve just ran a marathon.

Fortunately, there are ways to work out even when you’re feeling a little tired and here’s how:

Do short workouts

Rather than immerse yourself in an hour-long workout, if you’re feeling tired, try something shorter. A 15 minute workout is enough to increase your heart rate and probably give you a boost of energy to continue with something longer. But if you really are tired and you want to rest right after your short workout don’t fret because that short exercise is still effective in keeping you healthy.

Get some short workouts throughout the day

One other way to ensure that you get enough exercise even though you’re tired is to get some of those short workouts in your day. That means when you’re not too busy in the office, try walking up and down the stairs of the building’s fire escape.

Or you could do a couple of lunges, push-ups or sit-ups in your office before your break ends. You can also bring a pair of dumbbells and do some bicep curls for a few minutes before you start working. If you’re at home and you’re taking care of your baby, you can also get some short exercises in between her naps.

Get lots of sleep

One of the reasons why you feel so tired every day is that you could be suffering from sleep deprivation. People with allergies often do not sleep well because their allergies activate when they’re trying to sleep.

People suffering from eczema often wake up repeatedly in the evening because flare-ups often occur at that time. If you want to feel energized enough to work out then you should get more sleep. But that can be a tall order for someone suffering from allergies. Fortunately there are ways to help you sleep even when you have allergies.

For those with eczema, the best way to get more sleep is to make sure that their sleeping environment is as comfortable as possible so that no flare-ups will occur during sleep. For those with nasal allergies, it’s important to take your medication before you sleep or avoid any allergens before bedtime to ensure that your sleep won’t be disrupted.

Living with allergies can often make you feel tired and the thought of working out can be so unappealing. But by following some of these suggestions you can help yourself fight back against fatigue long enough to get the daily dose of exercise you need.

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