Common Workout Clothing Problems

Common Workout Clothing Problems

June 28, 2019

Investing in quality workout clothing is no joke, and if you are going to spend money on it, you expect it to perform. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Because of the unique stresses of heat, sweat, and movement, our workout clothes need to accommodate a unique set of demands. If you feel like your workout clothes are letting you down, you’re not alone. Here are some of the problems women have encountered with workout clothes.

Clothing Doesn’t Fit Properly

Your workout clothes, and any type of clothing in general, ought to flatter your appearance but sometimes, that does not happen. Many manufacturers do not understand that not everyone is built straight up and down like a ruler. It can be too loose or too tight, and eventually, when someone develops muscles or loses weight, it becomes more difficult to find clothes that can accommodate your new and curvy shape.

Sweat Stains

Sweat is inevitable while working out. In fact, sweating makes you feel a lot better. However, nobody wants a sweat stain in an unsightly area such as the crotch, the rear, and the armpits. To all the ladies out there, you probably know by now that wearing light grey leggings isn’t a good idea. 

Thick Fabric Without Wicking Capability

There are a lot of sportswear that instead of making your workout more pleasant, makes matters worse. Thick fabrics that trap sweat and prevent cool air from coming in shouldn’t have a place in your wardrobe. Choose lightweight, smooth fabric that can wick sweat away from your body.

Visible Underwear

Many women already feel uncomfortable working out in front of others. But what more when they wear clothing that hugs the body a little too much? A lot of leggings allow underwear (and sometimes even parts that shouldn’t be seen) to be seen when bending over or lunging. Whether you’re a yogi or a boxer, you need fitness gear that can stretch with your body and not against it. Look for clothes that have multi-way construction.

Too Expensive 

Gym memberships, supplements and observing a healthier diet, and additional gym equipment can be expensive. The last thing any woman wants is to spend a huge amount of money on workout clothes. At the same time. nobody wants to settle for lower quality that do not meet one’s needs. 

No Pockets

Workout leggings have very small, and practically useless pockets or even none at all. This leads most people to put their phones or other necessities into sports bras or waistbands where they would not fall out.

Clothes Riding Up

Picking the proper workout clothes should be done carefully. You can’t have clothes that ride up or shift around, leading to a constant need to readjust, pull, and tug at clothes. It should also be not too tight so you’ll feel comfortable.

It is quite likely that you’ve experienced one or more of these issues. The truth is, most workout clothes just aren’t enough, for the rigors of exercise can lead to frustration, lack of confidence, and loss of focus. Choose well and do some research on what to buy before you head out the door, especially when it comes to fitness gear.

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