Choosing the Right Workout Attire

Choosing the Right Workout Attire

April 18, 2019

When it comes to exercising, most people have problems figuring out what kind of fitness regimen would best be suitable to them. But for people with extremely sensitive skin, like eczema or atopic dermatitis, even choosing the right kind of clothes for their workout is already a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are ways to figure out what kind of outfit is suitable for people with skin sensitivities and the list below will serve as your guide.

Choose fabrics that wick away moisture

Moisture is your greatest enemy if you’re working out and you have sensitive skin because it can lead to rashes and hives because the moisture that gets trapped can block your pores and trap in dirt that can exacerbate your condition.

Stay away from colored outfits

If you’re suffering from eczema your skin is sensitive to chemicals and colored gym outfits have dyes in them that could be harmful to your skin. Choose gym outfits that have neutral colors or lighter colors because they don’t have the same chemicals used in darker outfits.

You can also opt to wear pure organic cotton for your workout because they’re a lot softer and free from chemicals, which will be best for your skin.

Stay away from latex, spandex and other rubber fabrics

Eczema has a lot of triggers, and fabrics made from latex and spandex are just some of those. Unfortunately, a lot of gym outfits are made from spandex because this material is stretchable and breathable so it wicks away moisture effectively and retains its shape despite going through lots of stretching and strenuous movements.

But there is a silver lining for people like you, because there are many sports attire manufacturers out there that make outfits without these materials that still have the same characteristics as spandex and latex.

Purchase those outfits and enjoy your exercise without triggering your skin condition.

Wear clothing that sticks to your skin

Chafing is an irritating problem to have and for someone who suffers from eczema, it can even lead to unsightly and painful wounds. That’s because loose clothes can rub against your skin incessantly when you’re working out and this could lead to abrasions that can worsen and lead to open wounds.

As mentioned earlier, spandex could exacerbate your condition so look for clothes that do not have this material but are capable of clinging to your skin like spandex.

Wash your gym clothes regularly but be gentle with the detergent

As soon as you get your new gym outfit wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust or other substances that could trigger your condition. After you’re done working out, wash it right away but be careful with detergents that have strong chemicals in them. Those chemicals could worsen your skin condition even after you’ve washed them off. Fortunately, there are many hypoallergenic detergents in the market right now that can clean your clothes effectively but are safe for your skin.

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