5 Ways to Ease Breast Pain After Exercising

5 Ways to Ease Breast Pain After Exercising

October 02, 2019

According to an online survey by Harris Poll on behalf of BioPharmX, about 72% of women experience breast discomfort with their menstrual cycle, and 45% of these women avoid physical activity altogether—22% even avoid walking during that time of the month. 

One of the causes of breast pain is fibrocystic breast condition (FBC). It is the medical term for tender, swollen, painful, and sometimes lumpy breasts and is believed to be tied to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. 

While some women think that this discomfort is part of being a woman and something that they simply have to live with, they’re wrong. Whether you do yoga, lift weights, or go running, this pain can affect how you maintain your fitness goals and can even affect you physically and emotionally. 

Here are some tips on how to reduce post-workout breast pain:

Wear the right sports bra

We say this over and over. Getting the right bra for the right activity is very important. Breast pain could actually be the consequence of either a poorly chosen, or over-worn sports bra. It is advisable to know your right size and cup, and the activity you’re supposed to do. Also, consider replacing sports bras every 6 to 8 months depending on your use.

Clean Healthy Diet

Pre-packed and processed snacks could be contributing to the pain. Try switching to fruits and vegetables to see if you notice a difference in pain level.

Do some light stretches

Many women prefer to stop exercising when the pain becomes worse. But the ideal way to deal with this type of pain is to exercise the chest muscles more and make them stronger so they can support the delicate organs. Light exercises such as using dumbbells can help reduce pain and will help muscles around the breast get stronger and toned. This means that the intensity and incidence of pain will reduce with time.

Take care during your period

Some women still believe that exercising while on their period is not good. This is actually a myth. However, when you do, just make sure that you take a little extra care of yourself. Exercising while on your period may still be painful in the chest area, but staying in shape can prevent increased breast pain down the road. Mix your workout up with muscle strengthening exercises. Also, eat foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges and sweet lime to relieve pain and also bloating. They will also keep you energized during periods.

Use an ice pack

If you feel like the pain is unbearable, use an ice pack to ease the symptoms. Sometimes, alternating between hot and cold packs also helps. If the pain still did not subside after a couple of days, make an appointment with your doctor for proper diagnosis and remedy.

Remember: breast health and less breast pain come down to making better lifestyle choices that work for you. It shouldn’t stop you though from moving and staying fit.

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