Women's Hypoallergenic Sidestring Bikini


Take a dip or lounge by the poolside in this versatile bikini.

Sidestring Bikini is perfectly suitable for your water sports and activities. From beach lounging to swimming to surfing, this bikini bottom gives you support and comfort ideal for any water sports and activity. It features a wide waist band and adjustable side ties to expose more or less skin.

  • Mid-rise
  • With adjustable side drawstrings for custom coverage
  • Full seat coverage
  • 100% Nylon
  • Machine washable


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angela Crimmins
Horrible rash

I broke out in a horrible, painful rash from the material of the bikini. It was on the small side, but did fit me and comfortable once on. I just wish I didn't have such a strong reaction to the material

Amendment to “Horrible Return Policy”

Since writing my review on 3/29/2022, I have purchased both the Medium and Large bottoms. I have chosen to keep both as they both fit…the Medium rather snug; the Large a bit loose. I have also been in contact with Athletican since my post and they are refunding me the price for the Small bottoms without my having to return them. I’m not quite sure what I will do with them - maybe donate to Goodwill for some other poor soul allergic to latex. But, I thought that I would offer up an amendment to my “angry” post since they were so kind to work things out for the good.

I do, however, think that it should be mentioned that these bottoms are unlike any bathing suit bottoms you have probably worn in the past…before being allergic to Latex. They have NO GIVE…NO ELASTICITY…which is why my being a smaller woman still does not fit in a Small. So, I would definitely recommend sizing up a size or two from your normal. 😉

Horrible Return Policy

How in the world do you expect that someone is “unsatisfied” with your product by not opening the package? A person must open the package…try it on for fit…to determine whether or not they are satisfied. Or how about, you are providing a service to individuals that have “allergies” to clothing products. What if they do not know if they will react to your product until they open the package and wear it first? To expect your customers to know whether they are satisfied with the product having never opened the package is ludicrous! And then when they do open the package, try it on and it does not fit, to then not offer a refund with a return…bad business.

I am a small woman…Size 2/4…so I ordered a Small in the Bikini bottoms. I could not even get them completely pulled over my bottom. I would not have known this unless I tried them on because the measuring charts are not accurate! I am now STUCK with these bottoms because I “opened the package” instead of mentally trying them on to see if I was satisfied! Never mind the fact, I still do not know which size I should get. Therefore, I reordered a Medium and a Large because I am going on vacation where I need a bathing suit. Now I will have 3 bottoms…one in which I hope fits…two which will not. I, unfortunately, will not know if I am allergic to them until I actually wear them for a couple of hours. If I am, I will now be stuck with all three bottoms and the top…without a refund!

This is so…wrong on many levels! As if we don’t have enough troubles finding clothes we are not allergic to, now we get stuck with them when we are! Very bad customer service!!!

I recently ordered underwear from an Allergen company, which fit, but upon wearing them had an allergic reaction. I took pictures of the reaction, wrote to the company, provided them with the pictures and they refunded me my money without taking the underwear back. Now THAT’S standing by your product and GREAT Customer Service.

So, I am providing a review in hopes we can get this ratified. If within 24 hours I do not get a response, then I will post your Company and product all over my Social Media.